Remember not the works; the works I have done; Nor the speeches that I proclaimed. Meditate not on my philosophies, and boast not of my intelligence.

For what I’ve done; I didn’t do myself: The messages I preached weren’t mine but Him Who sent me, For I know nothing. I have nothing to boast of in this world but one. All things I have came from Him: For He taught me all things.

Behold, I am but a dirty dust, have you no eyes to see? From nothing I came. For I am just a nothing, cursed to return to nothing of nothing. That’s why vanity I have treasured in my heart from the beginning. Now, my days are murmuring: for they are grown ready for extinction.

I am but a man: history and future has no glory in me. Remember the One whose wisdom has never been disproved. The One whose messages carry the same tone from time to time. The One whose Name and Legacy are encrypt on the heart of the Earth. The One Who is Eternal: All powerful and merciful: the One of Whom I speak.

I spoke His words and acted His actions. I prayed His prayers and distributed His love. I walked His path and sang with His tone. Why remember me?

He was perceived as a stranger through the eyes of a blind generation. So He kept His divinity till they could sensed His Humility. For His love for Humanity uncovered His Being of Divinity. Touched by their iniquities, He pitied their inabilities.

Have you no eyes to see or ears to hear? I am but a mere servant, why remember me? I am an empty powerless vessel, do not boast of me. I have only done what was mine to do: to me it is just. For reward is never the sermon of a faithful steward.

My words endure for a time but His are eternal. Christ is the One of Whom I speak: Remember. His Name that is above all other names;His deeds that are clothed with righteousness and truth; His love that is gentle and kind; His promises that are relentless and everlasting; His plans that are good and perfect; His mercies that endure forever; and His grace that’s sufficient in all things. Remember always He Alone Who’s Faithful and Just: The Lord forever I plead: Remember!


As we go; we stay. The Lord has blessed us with grace to live life in Spirit and Truth. By this He has shown us the Light that is the life of man to walk circumspectly in this world being conscious of His love, mercy and will, to the glory of God the Father. Therefore, we rejoice in His Spirit believing He’s just and faithful to deliver us from all evil; to keep us from falling, and to present us faultless before His Throne of Mercy and Grace. Even so, we rely on His divine guidance and abundant provisions to make known to all the world the Light of His Gospel which we have received from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – His only begotten Son. It’s evident that we live in this world; however, we are not of this world. In this we sincerely confess with our mouths – believing in our hearts that we are legitimate sons and daughters of the Source of Absolute Light That is the Lord Most High: Having been bought with a price, redeemed by His precious blood, transformed by His unfeigned love and saved by His impartial grace through faith, we now wholly dedicate and subject ourselves to His Spirit in the Light of His Gospel: to serve and honour Him with and in our mortal bodies as long as we live. Henceforth, we are no more servants of unrighteousness but righteousness in Christ. Thus we doubt not because we know the Lord; we worry not because we trust His Word; and we fear not because Greater is He Who dwells in us than he who is for the world. Moreover, the Lord has called and anointed us to preach the Gospel of Light to the poor; to heal the broken-heart, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery of sights to the blind: to set at liberty them that are bruised; to preach the acceptable year of the Lord to all nations. In this we are the Light Bearers: the Testimony of the Lord of Host. so, Whether we live or die; Whether we’re poor or rich; Whether we’re abused or rejected: the precious Name of Our God shall stand; His Mighty Works shall forever be adored in all the Earth from one generation to the next, Amen.


God is One: He Alone is Creator of Heaven and Earth and all that dwells within. He alone became a Servant in flesh as He was also in Spirit to bare our iniquities to transfer us into His Great Kingdom as sons and daughters of Light. He Alone became victorious over death having provided freely the eternal gift of Eternal Life with grace to all who sincerely acknowledge Him in faith and truth. He Alone  sits far beyond the heavens in splendid glory judging and reproving the works of darkness in Truth and Holiness. He Alone dwells within His faithful and Beloved proclaiming in and through them the Eternal Light of His Gospel to all generations. He Alone is here but yet to come. Infinite God; Everlasting King of Glory; Holy and Just; Compassionate and caring; Merciful and Gracious; Faithful and Immutable: God Who is because of Who He is; Who was because of Who He is; And Who is because of Who He is and is to become. Above all; beyond all; Before all. He Alone surpasses all knowledge, all wisdom, all revelation, all perception, all imagination, and all experience. God Who is That He is: One Alone: “The Father of The Son of The Spirit of Light and Truth.”

Stand Firm!

In Matthew 14:26-31, the Bible presents a unique story about Jesus and his disciple peter. At mid night, Jesus was seen walking on the water towards the boat his disciples were on – a miraculous act that has never been displayed since the world was introduced. The disciples were immediately puzzled by the act that they perceived the Lord as a spirit. Sometimes, we get worried that things will go the wrong way – this kind of mindset is not safe for a believer because it gives you a wrong image of who God is. The disciples were so much focused on the impossibility of what they were seeing that they did not fully recognise the presence of the Lord.The Lord had to revealed himself so as to calm down their fears and worries.

Peter like the rest of the disciples on the boat has heard about the Lord but yet still he remains in doubt because he has not discovered the real Jesus. So, he said to Jesus: Since you are the Lord, teach me to walk in your path. And the Lord said to peter: Come.  And when peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.

What can we learn from this great story? The word of God is an graceful invitation given to every person to walk in God’s precious will and purpose. This was Christ immediate invitation to Peter was: to walk within the will and purpose of God. Walking in the word of God( the will of God) is seen in the text as  spiritual excellence. One becomes spiritually excellent when he or she starts to walk steadfastly in the light of God’s Word. But Peter did not continue in that spiritual excellence; did he?

Peter’s spiritual life was during just fine as he walked in faith closer and closer to the Lord. But his physical life was a night mare to him trap in diverse difficult problems. Yes, during just fine at the spiritual level while things are turning up side down in your physical life. In the text, Peter sink in his spiritual life as he tried to solve the troubling problems of his physical life which he had no control over. This means the problems we face in life are beyond our control or influence. If only peter would have continued pleasing the Lord, his physical problems – no matter how huge they were – would have smoothly passed by. But, peter chose to do the very opposite.

In life, problems will always come. The truth is that the stabilisation of your spiritual life will always subdue the problems of your physical life. We will always face problems when we decide to remain faithful in our walk with Christ. No matter the problem, if only you trust God and remain firm or steadfast in His Word, the storms of life are going to pass you by. It’s a fact that needs not to be proven. Remember, the greatest miracle ever is you walking steadfastly in God’s will and divine purpose.